Language Card Games Matthew Boyle
31 – The First Inquisition   The glow of Ray and Savannah’s faces matched that of the rising sun: “He’s waking up!” When Marion came to at the hospital, his steadfast friends crowded the bedside. “Marion, what happened last night?!” demanded an uber-concerned Ray. “Yeah! You know you’ve been on […]

The Cardlanger Chronicles 31-40

Language Card Games Matthew Boyle
21 – Dual Telecarding   For my part, I taught the three of them how to telecard two people as I said I would. Of course, they already had their individual telecarding skills down pat. I instructed them to how to stand, what to think, what to say, and so […]

The Cardlanger Chronicles 21-30

Language Card Games Matthew Boyle
11 – The Possessed Book   Startled, Marion dropped the book and stepped back. It began quivering on its own. It trembled, as if scared that something inside itself would crawl out. The three watched on in horror, not daring to move, until it suddenly stopped a few moments later. […]

The Cardlanger Chronicles 11-20

Language Card Games Matthew Boyle 2
The Cardlanger Chronicles   [] [] [] []   Students of The Cardlanger Academy acquire magical powers by studying languages using cards. Together, they  protect all languages from certain destruction by The Extinctors. Hellbent on making theirs the world’s only language, The Extinctors have but one aim: total domination…   […]

The Cardlanger Chronicles