Language Learning Card Game – Othertongue


With Othertongue language learning card game, a diverse group of language learners can play together, no matter what languages they are learning!



“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”


Yeah, right.


Othertongue is a language learning card game where players use vocabulary from foreign languages they are studying to fight each other! The best part is: two or more people can play together even if they are studying different languages. In this game, players are required to speak vocabulary words in their target language, which belonging to different categories (like animals) and different types (like loanwords). By doing this successfully, they activate the magical powers of their cards and battle.

In Othertongue, players can construct their own personal decks strategically before the game or share a common deck in melee format. During the fight for survival, players will reinforce what they already have learned, but also learn new words, sentences, idioms, and even how to write in other languages, from each others. Players may attempt to bluff each other and declare challenges. If a player loses a challenge, they must discard some of their cards.

Throughout the game, you can take cards, improve the strength of your cards, and destroy your opponent’s cards, by demonstrating a rich and colorful knowledge of your target language. Of course, strategy and luck will also be needed!

The amount of time it takes to play one round of Othertongue depends on the number of players and cards you have or choose to use. You can remove cards or set a time limit if you prefer a quicker game. Probably the minimum time needed is twenty minutes and the average maximum time might be around one hour.

Othertongue is a more challenging language learning card game than you will typically find on the market these days. It will take you a little time to learn how to play and much longer to master. Moreover, what happens each game will be surprising and different due to the infinite possibilities of interlocking combinations of unique card powers. As a result of these things, I’m sure you will be excited to play Othertongue again and again, especially if you have the chance to battle a wide variety of foreign language learners.


Game Specs

Players: 2+

Ages: 10+

Time: 20 – 60 minutes

Genre: Fantasy

Difficulty Level: Moderate


This Product Includes

48 playing cards, rules, box, and dice


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I’m fully confident you will love this language learning card game, but if for any reason you don’t, just send it back to me in original condition within two weeks for a full refund.



“The cards look wonderful and one deck already fulfilled its destiny as a gift. Thank you for the excellent service and totally amazing products. I think these will be great gifts for some special ESL students this Christmas. So I’m grateful to you for creating educational games that make suitable gifts for serious ESL students.” – Elisabeth, U.S.A.


“I’m planning to take this game to my Spanish class to see if my friends would like to learn Spanish with it.” – Marlene, U.S.A.


“We tried Othertongue, but honestly, we couldn’t figure out how to play it.  We read through the rules but we had too many questions that couldn’t be answered.   It’s not that my husband and I are foreign to games, we play a lot actually, but it just didn’t make sense to us.  You have a gift of writing and you’re very creative.  But it lacks clarification in the rules.  We spent more time trying to figure it out than actually practicing the language I was hoping to practice. I hope you won’t take offense to this but rather learn from it and make changes because I think you’re on the right track, it just needs to be fine-tuned.” – Sheyna, U.S.A.


“Your cards look beautiful and I love the fact that you included protection sleeves (card loaders) [in our order]. You clearly put a lot of love and care into their development.” – Victor, U.S.A.


About the Creator

My name is Matthew Boyle. In 2011, I felt the urge to leave America and teach English in China. I’ve lived there ever since. Not only do I love Chinese language and culture, but I have a passion for designing and playing all types of games. I created Language Card Games because I believe that for learning languages, card games just can’t be beat! Don’t think so? Check out my post on the advantages of language learning card games!


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