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After learning about Chinese Champions Card Game, more than one person wished it was made in other languages. I, too, wanted to open up my card game idea to include more languages. But for me, I thought I would have been bored working to translate the cards I had already made over and over again into different languages. Maybe at some point in the future, that will happen with help from friends. Regardless, I think I came up with a better answer: Othertongue!

The way you play Othertongue is similar to the way you play Chinese Champions, but not totally the same. I call the game ‘revolutionary’ because it allows players to use their knowledge of one or more of their target languages to fight each other. For example, an American who is studying Chinese and a Spaniard who is studying Russian and a Korean who is studying Arabic can all sit down at the same table, battle each other, and learn from each other. That is something I have not seen in any other card game or board game out there. (Of course, we do need to assume they know enough English to understand the rules and read the cards. Actually, this game will definitely increase one’s love of English.) I have poured my understanding of linguistics into this game, which I think will make it highly enjoyable for polyglots and logophiles. Some of the word types you will be exposed to if you play this game, include: loanwords, calques, homophones, doublespeak, portmanteau, and more!

Othertongue is designed for two or more players who may either construct their own personal decks or share a common deck. During the fight for survival, players will learn new words, sentences, idioms, and even how to write in other languages, from each other. Players may attempt to bluff each other with regards to what they know and also declare challenges. If a player loses a challenge, they must discard some of their cards. You can take cards and improve the strength of your cards by having a great knowledge of your target language(s) not only in terms of vocabulary, but also in terms of types of words. Of course, strategy and luck also helps! Generally speaking, the player with the most cards at the end of the game (when the deck runs out) is the winner.

The amount of time it takes to play one round of Othertongue depends on the number of players and cards involved. You can remove cards or set a time limit if you are under time constraints. Probably the minimum time required for a decent game is twenty minutes, and the average maximum time might be around one hour. The game is challenging and it will be different every time! So I believe you will be happy to play the game again and again, especially if you have the chance to battle a wide variety of foreign language learners.



48 playing cards, rules, box, and dice



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